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Joseph Pakootas (puh-KOE-tuss) is honored to bring his decades of business, environmental, and political experience to the 2016 race for US Congress in Washington’s 5th District. Pakootas, 56, is the CEO credited with a 10 million dollar economic turnaround for the Colville Confederated Tribes. Under his leadership, the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation (CTFC) manages hundreds of employees and more than 1 million acres of land which include timber, lumber mills, recreation and retail operations.

By refocusing on sustainable business enterprises, Pakootas rescued the CTFC and has delivered a secure multi-million dollar revenue stream. 

 During the last decade, he led efforts to clean up the Columbia River which has suffered from heavy metal pollutants from a Canadian mining operation. The case is a landmark effort to protect international boundary and downstream waters and habitat.
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