A Vietnam Vet’s Response to the VA Funding Crisis

What follows is a letter, addressed to my opponent, from Mr. Phillip Livingston, a Vietnam veteran and lifetime member of the Disabled Veterans of America. He beautifully lays out the feelings of many veterans as they cope with my opponent’s move to privatize the VA. Please share Mr. Livingston’s letter with your family and friends. As your congressman, I will fight for full funding of the VA, and oppose all efforts to privatize this crucial public service.

To The Honorable Congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

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SCC ICLP Speaking Event

The ICLP program is a year-­long learning community that brings together employees from across the district to engage in intercultural leadership training. Joe will be speaking there.

Magnuson Club Meeting

Our guest speaker will be George Watters, one of our local pioneers who spent a career advocating for the disabled.  His experience began early, while assisting his severely disabled Father for much of his life.  While pursuing his career at the Federal level, George was recruited by Senator Tom Foley, to move to Washington State and facilitate the development of the Americans Disability Act (ADA), which he assisted in crafting. He also served as an Expert Witness with several federal landmark cases regarding disability outcomes and rehabilitation. Lastly, we will hear all about the “Able Act” which benefits only one segment of our population, & sponsored by Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

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Summit for Neighborhood Fairness

Join fellow neighborhood leaders, Spokane City Council Pres. Ben Stuckart & Futurewise Director of Planning & Law, Tim Trohimovich, to discuss making Spokane the city of choice for people who already live here, not just people who might move here someday.