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If you are unsure how to fill out your ballot, you might consider using this resource. The Progressive Voters Guide (progressivevotersguide.com) has great information about candidates and initiatives and recommends action based upon the endorsements and information. If you want a more progressive Eastern Washington, you might consider using this resource.

#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #15- Violence Against Women Act


#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #15 Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act Summary: At the end of 2012 the Violence Against Women Act was due for reauthorization. In February of 2013 my opponent led discussion on the floor of the House to reauthorize this crucial and life saving piece of legislation. However, my opponent was pushing for a version of this legislation that excluded native americans, immigrants, and LGBT individuals. Although the more inclusive version had successful bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress, my opponent pushed an alternative exclusive version, which eventually failed in a vote. My opponent’s version was highly criticized by hundreds of organizations who knew that it lacked crucial provisions. The American Bar Association, which sent a … Read More

Press Release: Pakootas calls on McMorris Rodgers to condemn Trump and withdraw support

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10 October, 2016 Joe Pakootas calls on Cathy McMorris Rodgers to withdraw her support of Donald Trump after lewd comments regarding women Spokane- Today Joe Pakootas, candidate for US House of Representatives, released a video calling on his Republican opponent, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, to withdraw her support for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Last Friday a tape was released of comments that Trump made in 2005 on the set of Access Hollywood. The comments describe in vulgar terms Trump groping, kissing, and trying to have sex with women without their consent. Trump has on multiple occasions, including last night’s Presidential Debate, dismissed this talk as “locker room banter.” “As a coach, I know this is not ‘locker … Read More

#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #14- Education Funding


#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #14 Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act Summary: This bill is filled with great provisions that help make college more affordable, all the while saving the federal government and taxpayers $87 billion dollars over the next 10 years. This bill directs the federal government to direct all student loans and establishes a competitive system for private lenders who can prove they serve their customers best. It strengthens the Pell grant (need-based aid) program and allows for grant amounts to increase with inflation. This legislation provides funding for community colleges and assists nontraditional students, including veterans, in coming back to school. It also encourages more women to excel in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) by … Read More

An update on debates…

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An update on debates: My campaign has been working with my opponent over the last several weeks to schedule debates throughout the district. So far we have 3 debate commitments from my opponent: -October 5- Washington State University, 7pm, hosted by the Foley Institute -October 6- KSPS recorded debate (no live audience to be broadcast at 9pm that same night & 7pm October 10) -October 25- Walla Walla, 6pm, hosted by the WW Chamber of Commerce Gonzaga University has scheduled a debate for October 17th, but my opponent has not accepted. In August when we accepted my opponent’s invitation to participate in 3 debates we made it clear that all debates should: be free and open to the public; taped … Read More