Thank You.

I want to start by thanking the single best grassroots army that any District has ever seen. I have so many to thank for their effort to elect me to Congress. First — to our incredible volunteers who stood in the wind and rain to hold signs, who talked to your neighbors and made more phone calls that you ever thought possible, who folded thank you letters, who washed dishes, who collected fire donations, who staffed booths at festivals, and who walked in parades, who canvassed and registered voters, and who consistently and generously gave their hard-earned money to my campaign. Thank you to the moms, the dads, the teachers, the veterans, the men and women of the union trades, … Read More

Responses on Facebook to the question: Why do you support Joe?


We asked a question on Facebook: Why do you support Joe? Here are the responses we received from real voters in the 5th Congressional District. I voted for Joe Pakootas because climate change is real and we CANNOT keep electing politicians who deny that. It is due time that we take responsibility for our actions, and we need legislators who will do that. It’s unacceptable that our Congresswoman is bought and sold by big gas and oil companies, much like many of our representatives. Once we start demanding that our legislators act on climate change, they will. We’re their boss. That’s just one reason why I voted for Joe. I voted for Joe because he’s the real deal. In a … Read More

We have a lot to be proud of

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We have just under a week until the election! My team is busy making phone calls to all the voters who haven’t yet turned in their ballot. We have almost 3,000 Pakootas signs out, 9 billboards up, 3 TV and radio ads running, over 60,000 robocalls being made, 13,000 live calls being completed by our staff and volunteers, and we’ve run advertisements in eight newspapers in the district. Our campaign is entirely grassroots. Typically, Congressional candidates are backed by their state parties, the DNC or the DCCC. The resources they are given generally include money for mailings, TV, radio, print advertisements, political strategizing and staffing to help run their campaign. Our campaign has received none of those resources. We’ve done … Read More

A list of all Candidate Forums and Debates I have attended


Over the last several months, I have attended numerous candidate forums and debates. One of my goals was to be as accessible to the public as possible, and I’ve been successful in accomplishing that all over the District. I have participated in three debates with my opponent, two of which were open to the public. I’ve also participated in 14 Candidate Forums and been denied a platform at 4 because my opponent didn’t respond. My opponent has attended none of these candidate forums and didn’t even respond to most of the invitations. This is a demonstration of how I will govern. I will be accessible, questionable, and accountable. My opponent has demonstrated this campaign season that she is none of those. Below … Read More

Walla Walla Debate

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If you were unable to make the Walla Walla Debate, you can view it here.  

Have questions about your ballot? Here are some recommendations.

If you are unsure how to fill out your ballot, you might consider using this resource. The Progressive Voters Guide ( has great information about candidates and initiatives and recommends action based upon the endorsements and information. If you want a more progressive Eastern Washington, you might consider using this resource.