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Joseph Pakootas (puh-KOE-tuss) is honored to bring his decades of business, environmental, and political experience to the 2016 race for US Congress in Washington’s 5th District. Pakootas, 56, is the CEO credited with a 10 million dollar economic turnaround for the Colville Confederated Tribes. Under his leadership, the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation (CTFC) manages hundreds of employees and more than 1 million acres of land which include timber, lumber mills, recreation and retail operations.

By refocusing on sustainable business enterprises, Pakootas rescued the CTFC and has delivered a secure multi-million dollar revenue stream. 

 During the last decade, he led efforts to clean up the Columbia River which has suffered from heavy metal pollutants from a Canadian mining operation. The case is a landmark effort to protect international boundary and downstream waters and habitat.
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  • Protecting Our Earth Ensuring Environmental Health for the Future Dear Friend: Summer is half over and todays break from the heat is a reminder that autumn is just around the corner.  My supporters and I have put a lot of miles on our tires traveling to the far corners of the 5th Congressional District.  Meeting with people and listening to their concerns are two of my favorite things about campaigning! As you may know, I feel strongly about protecting our … read more

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