An update on debates…

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An update on debates: My campaign has been working with my opponent over the last several weeks to schedule debates throughout the district. So far we have 3 debate commitments from my opponent: -October 5- Washington State University, 7pm, hosted by the Foley Institute -October 6- KSPS recorded debate (no live audience to be broadcast at 9pm that same night & 7pm October 10) -October 25- Walla Walla, 6pm, hosted by the WW Chamber of Commerce Gonzaga University has scheduled a debate for October 17th, but my opponent has not accepted. In August when we accepted my opponent’s invitation to participate in 3 debates we made it clear that all debates should: be free and open to the public; taped … Read More

#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #13- Fast Track TPP


#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #13 H.R. 2146 Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act Summary: Fast tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership How She Voted: Yes The Impact: This vote allowed the “fast-tracking” of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which passed by a very narrow margin. Under free trade corporate profits have soared, U.S. workers’ wages have lagged. While corporations continue to gain power, U.S. workers’ collective bargaining rights and ability to organize have severely diminished. U.S. labor losses, especially in higher wage jobs, continue to hurt both U.S. workers and the U.S. economy, but ill-conceived free trade agreements have also created havoc in foreign countries. The TPP is a massive corporate power grab involving the United States and 11 other countries designed to transfer many … Read More

#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #12- Anti-Wage-Theft


This labor day marks over 100 years of struggle to maintain a thriving middle class. It is because of a strong labor voice that our country has a minimum wage, a 40 hour work week, overtime pay, and the right to unionize. Despite that progress, millions of middle class Americans are still working as hard as they can to provide for their family, and yet are not making the cut. They’re playing by our rules and still can’t make it. That is neither just, nor is it moral. We must ensure that if a person in this country is working 40 hours a week for minimum wage, he or she can adequately provide for their family. Government has an important … Read More

#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #11


#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #11 HR 5122: To prohibit further action on proposed rule regarding testing of medicare part B prescription drug models. Summary: This bill is in opposition to a proposed testing model that would slow price increases for Medicare part B drugs. The Medicare Program’s Part B Drug Payment Model would allow the assessment of unfair and inflated increases in prescription drug prices. This testing program would catch those injustices and recommend changes so prices don’t inflate and doctors aren’t incentivized to prescribe higher medicines. How She Voted: She has cosponsored this legislation. The Impact: Between 1999 and 2009, health care costs have almost doubled for an average family. In the last two years, prescription drug prices have increased … Read More

#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #10: Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act

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#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #10 Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act (U.S.A.) Summary: This bill terminates all “unauthorized” programs after 3 years of the bill being passed. All programs are “authorized” for a certain amount and length of funding when they are passed into law. Some bills are meant to be reviewed and renewed after a certain amount of years, however many have been neglected. It’s Congress’ job to reauthorize these programs, especially those that are utilized by millions of Americans. However, because of toxic gridlock, Congress has not been keeping up with many important programs. This bill drastically cuts the funding for all “unauthorized” programs after 3 years, even if they are incredibly important and used by the American people. How She … Read More

#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #9


#McMorrisMonday Legislation Spotlight #9 HR 2577: Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2016 Summary: An Appropriations Bill that kept the government open, but with drastic cuts to the EPA, wildfire funding, the Land and Wildlife Conservation Fund, and US Forestry Service. How She Voted: Yes The Impact: This bill designates the Forestry Service’s annual budget for wildfire prevention. In 2015 President Obama requested $4.02B for emergency fire fighting and prevention programs, but this bill only allocated $3.6B for the next 10 years. It barely increases the annual budget, completely ignoring the fact that wildfires risks are growing each year and the cost will only continue to rise. The Forestry service now spends more than half … Read More