Dell Inspiron 3467 Laptop With Many Cheap Features

Laptops or notebooks have now become the secondary needs of many people. Starting from school children, students, workers, to professional businessmen using laptop devices. The need for a compact, lightweight device and specifications for daily computing at affordable prices is the reason why many laptops are targeted. Dell tries to bring one device for everyday computing needs with a promising performance through the Dell Inspiron 3467. This device not only offers a stylish look but also the price of the friendly Dell Inspiron 3467 bag becomes its attraction.

Dell Inspiron 3467 offers excellent capabilities for all work activities needs to handle heavy applications. Its appearance that looks rigid and serious can help increase the productivity of arena friends every day. Besides that the laptop from Dell also provides multimedia entertainment facilities with quality that is quite okay. No need to mince just look at the reviews of specifications and prices of Dell Inspiron 3467 offered below.

The design is firm and elegant

The best laptop under 700 dollar comes with an elegant design with black wrapping with a distinctive angle from Dell. Not only that, besides black, Dell also offers a sky blue color variant. Although it is seriously impressed that the laptop manufacturer from the United States has good portability. Its weight, which ranges from 1.9 kg with a thickness of 24.3 cm, still provides comfort to be carried wherever friends are on the move and work. It is suitable for those who have high mobility.

Then from the keyboard side, the design looks standard like most laptops in general. For the keys themselves are designed by providing distance to minimize typing errors. Likewise, the touchpad is designed quite large to provide maximum comfort when navigating the cursor. Laptops that have a 14-inch screen span are very suitable for arena friends. The compact size makes it easy to put in an arena friend’s bag and comfortable when carried.

The screen is equipped with anti-glare for extra comfort

Besides offering a compact size and ideal for a laptop, this device provides an anti-glare screen. This screen feature will not make your friend’s eyes get tired of using a laptop for a long time. Plus the size of the screen is large enough to provide ample room to look at the screen.

Dell provides this device screen with Truelife TFT LCD LED backlight technology that has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The technology of the Full HD screen makes the image clear and comfortable to enjoy when working on daily or multimedia tasks.

Although the price of the Dell Inspiron 3467 is affordable, Dell still provides connectivity and ports that are quite complete and adequate. To meet today’s computing needs, on the connectivity side this laptop relies on LAN, Bluetooth and Wifi. While for data transfer, there are USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0 ports, VGA ports, HDMI, and Card Reader.

Tough and Competitive Performance

The performance offered by Dell Inspiron 3467 is quite competitive and capable for middle class laptops. Equipped with an Intel Core i3-6006U processor from the Skylake generation or the sixth generation Intel Core dual-core capable of producing 2GHz speed without the TurboBoost feature. Despite this performance can still run fast with the support of RAM capacity of 4 GB DDR4 with a speed of 2400 MHz. if it is still lacking, arena friends can upgrade their memory to 16 GB as needed.

The powerful processor is supported by the ability of the graphics chipset which is reinforced by the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Intel HD Graphics 520. This graphic supports carrying 24 execution units (EUs) with the ability to run 300-1000 MHz. The ability of the processor and graphics is enough to meet daily computing needs such as browsing, office, chatting, watching videos and playing casual games. Interestingly in a package price, the Dell Inspiron 3467 has already been planted with a large storage capacity in the form of 1 TB hard disk

Equipped with Exciting Features

Dell Inspiron 3467 is designed to help arena friends more efficiently and increase productivity every day. For multimedia entertainment this laptop is equipped with Waves MaxxAudio audio that is able to produce very clear sound from the speakers. Enjoying movies or music will be more fun with loud sounds without noise, whether it’s when using integrated speakers, headsets, and audio ports.

On the front of the laptop features a HD quality webcam. Through this webcam, arena friends can use it to record or create content on YouTube or even hold a Web Conference. So who says this Dell Inspiron 3467 laptop cannot be made for entertainment. Heavy or light applications can be bulldozed by this American laptop so that the work of multitasking arena friends will not be hampered.

The performance is quite strong, then the graphics are really good, from the features it can still display pleasant entertainment. Plus the price of the cheap Dell Inspiron 3467 is an attractive choice to be relied upon every time.
Battery Life Is Reliable

The stunning performance of the Dell Inspiron 3467 is also supported by the robustness of its battery power. Dell provides the device with a 4 cell 40WHr capacity battery that can be easily removed or replaced with another battery. In normal use, this laptop can last around 6 hours. The durability of the battery makes the arena friend not have to worry about looking for a source of electricity when used outdoors so it is safe to carry anywhere.

However, unfortunately there is one thing lack of Dell Inspiron 3467 which is the absence of a Windows operating system or only providing DOS (non OS). So arena friends must buy a license and install Windows first before using it. But that doesn’t matter, because it will pay off with a pretty impressive performance.

From the ability of the battery indicates that the price of the Dell Inspiron 3467 which is only priced at around 5 million has quite classy quality. At least this laptop still provides some advantages that are okay for middle class devices.